July - September 2021

Sun 4 July. GLEBE LAKE SNCI - Wetland Planting. Continuing our aquatic planting of native marginal plants around the edge of this J & J Franks owned lake, who've re-restored and enhanced this waterbody for nature conservation. We'll be building the protective cages for the plants before we plant. Meet by the lake Grid Ref: TQ309514/Postcode: RH1 4HN. Access off A25 along J & J Franks Quarry entrance.

Sun. 18 July. KITCHEN COPSE SNCI/AW BLETCHINGLEY - Ride Fence Removal. Removing the old post and wire fence running along the cross ride at the northern end of the Copse, to bring the wood back to one whole again. Come and see how the coppicing we've been doing is fairing in this lovely Sibelco owned ancient woodland, leased to the Surrey Wildlife Trust. Meet in the track to Kitchen Copse, off Place Farm Road Grid ref: TQ 327523/Postcode: RH1 4QR.

Thurs. 22 July. EARLSWOOD COMMON & LAKES SNCI & LNR - Bat Walk. 8.30 - 10pm Joining forces with Wild Earlswood, a newly formed group keen to work with us. Come and discover what bats we have on this Reigate & Banstead Council owned Local Nature Reserve, as well as meet new friends. Bat detectors will be provided. Meet by the Plough PH at St John's 8.30pm Grid ref: TQ274492/Postcode: RH1 6QE

Sun. 25 July. EARLSWOOD COMMON & LAKES SNCI & LNR - Ditch Restoration. Continuing our joint operators with Wild Earlswood. With the Golf Club having left the Common, we're reinstating some of the old ditchlines to their open rather than piped form, to provide habitat corridors, together with using sleepers off the old tees to build bridges. Meet in the car park by the lakes. Grid ref: TQ268484/Postcode: RH2 7QH.


Wed. 28 July. REIGATE HEATH SSSI & LNR - Bat Walk. 8.30 - 10pm Celebrate Heath week, by joining us on a bat walk over the Heath. Bat detectors will be provided, so come and discover what bats we have on this Reigate & Banstead Council owned Local Nature Reserve. Meet 8.30pm in the Flanchford Road car park. Grid ref: TQ239503/Postcode: RH2 8AB.

Sun. 1 Aug. REIGATE HEATH SSSI & LNR - Heather Restoration. Continuing our heathland restoration work clearing the litter layers away and bracken pulling. By creating the right conditions Mother Nature will do the rest! Come along and see how the heathland is recovering. Meet in the Flanchford Road car park. Grid ref: TQ239503/Postcode: RH2 8AB.

Sun. 15 Aug. BUCKLAND POND - Pond Management. Joining forces with our good friends from Buckland Village, to look after their picturesque pond. We'll be helping clear that alien invasive plant Crassula Helmsii, that is in danger of taking over the pond. Jobs for land lubbers too! Meet by the Pond, off the A25, Grid ref: TQ222509/Postcode: RH3 7BH.

Tues. 24 Aug. BUCKLAND POND - Pond Management. MID WEEK TASK Continuing our pond work, but catering for those who can’t do weekends! Meet by the Pond, off the A25, Grid ref: TQ222509/Postcode: RH3 7BH.

Sun. 29 Aug. CHAIN POND, MEADVALE, SNCI - Pond Management. A return to this popular pond, which we've played our part in successfully restoring. Today we will be clearing away some of the invading aquatic vegetation to keep a balance between the open water and margins. We'll be joined by Wild Earlswood too! Meet by the Pond in Somerset Road, Grid ref: TQ270490/Postcode: RH1 6LS.

Sun. 12 Sept. WARWICK SCHOOL, REDHILL - Outside Classroom Management. A return to help our good friends from Warwick School with their fantastic Open Classroom. We'll be clearing willow before the water levels rise for winter. If the railway embankment was not there and you carried on west from the Moors, you'd walk straight into this fantastic outside classroom straddling the Redhill Brook. Essentially, an extension of the Moors towards Redhill Town centre! Meet at the School, end of Noke Drive. Grid ref: TQ284506 /Postcode: RH1 4AD.

Sun. 26 Sept. BUCKLAND POND - Pond Management. Continuing our clearance work. Keep your eyes out for all the other species that call the pond home, and have benefitted from out management help for over a decade now. Meet by the Pond, off the A25, Grid ref: TQ222509/Postcode: RH3 7BH.

Coming up Oct - Dec: A return to the Woodlands and all our old favourites.

SSSI Denotes Site of Special Scientific Interest, namely that it is of national importance and has the highest level of national nature conservation protection.

SNCI Denotes Site of Nature Conservation Importance, namely that it is of countywide importance. LNR Denotes site is designated as a Statutory Local Nature Reserve. AW Denotes this wood is shown on the Ancient Woodland Inventory for Surrey

All Tasks Start at 10am, unless otherwise stated.

- Enthusiasm!
- Suitable work clothes - these should be comfortable, but hardwearing and allow ease of movement, but close fitting. Most experienced volunteers work on a layered clothing principle to keep you warm in winter, cool in summer.
- Good waterproofs - just in case! A jacket or cagoule and over-trousers made of waxed cotton, or breathable fabrics such as Gortex is ideal. Don't rely on thin nylon cagoules, they don't keep you warm or dry.
- A pair of work gloves.
- Stout footwear- boots or wellies. If you're buying a new pair get steel toe capped ones for extra protection.
- A pack lunch and drink.
- Hand sanitizer and water to wash with.
- Face Mask
- Sun hats & sun cream.
- Anti - tetanus jabs - not compulsory, but if you come out regularly, we strongly recommend you keep your immunisation up to date.

Everyone is welcome, especially new faces! No previous experience is needed!
You can stay as long or as short as you like. We normally finish around 4pm.
There is no age limit, although volunteers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, or have a designated adult responsible for them.
Each task is led by a skilled & experienced leader, who will explain at the start of each task:
-What we are doing and the reasons why
-How we are going to do it
-Site safety and the safe & correct use of tools
-Covid19 compliant measures

You'll soon find you'll pick it up, and other volunteers will help you too. Before you know it, you'll be having a great time, promoting a worthwhile cause and getting to see some wonderful wildlife and landscape into the bargain. Not to mention the likeminded people you'll befriend!
So, why not join us in looking after your local countryside. If you'd like further information, or have any questions to ask, please ring: Simon 01737 242644 Or see our website: www.racv.org.uk

COVID 19 REGULATIONS. All Volunteers attending the task must have booked in advance, providing both their mobile contact number (for track and trace) and their emergency contact number (ie nearest and dearest for the day). There will be no signing in on the day. There are no more than 30 volunteers permitted on the task.
All Volunteers must observe social distancing both within the group and public. Ie 2m.